Operative Details
  • Glasgow Operative - Kieron
  • I have over 15 years experience in the industry. I started off working as a communal TV & Sat engineer, working on large systems. Over time I progressed into AV, working in domestic houses, businesses and on video / audio distribution, networking issues and digital signage projects to name a few. I have gained a broad range of experience, but I'm always humble, open minded and enjoy learning new things. I have a diligent and methodical approach and will always find a a solution to the problem. I also pride myself and my staff on having great customer service
  • Services Offered: Private Residence, Commerical Premises, Networks & Comms Room, Audio Visual
  • Locations Covered: Glasgow
  • Distance prepared to travel: 2 Hours
  • Amount of Personal Indemnity Cover (£): £5 Million
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