How it works is simple. Send us a specification of your requirements and we will work within our network of approved suppliers and partners. Once you are happy with the quotation we send to you, we will order the equipment to be delivered to you or if you are an MSP to your end user. 

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Here’s our latest reviews by customers on Google

Google Customer Review
This is a great concept with great communication. As an operative I found that the assignment was well communicated, enabling me to deliver my services efficiently. Payment was prompt and timely as promised. A valuable and trustworthy service all round.

Nyime Ali

Google Customer Review
I have recently used Keyboard Knights in Bermuda and Hong Kong and am delighted with the service in both locations. The Keyboard Knights booking form is easy to complete and asks all the right information to ensure the task is handed over to implementation clearly. Ryan and his team of professionals communicate clearly and regularly which goes a long way when completing work in remote locations. 100% recommend and will definitely use again!


Google Customer Review
We used Keyboard Knights resources in Paris and I was extremely happy with the service provided.  Keyboard Knights staff assisted us all the way through the process on a piece of work that became more complicated than expected.  The operatives in Paris that work with Keyboard Knights were professional, hard working and certainly went the extra mile.  Thank you Ryan, Jake and Bellal. Based on this experience, I have no hesitation in recommending you, and I look forward to working with you again when we need assistance in Paris or our other European locations.

Darren J

Google Customer Review
A great concept, and always really great engineers that are so very helpful. Thank you to Ryan and team for all the support this far, we look forward to seeing where this relationship between our businesses takes us. Invaluable to have engineers available in the UK and even internationally.

J Chattenton

Google Customer Review
As an operative, I can't really fault my experience dealing with Keyboard Knights. They fit in nicely along side my usual business services, clear job descriptions, hours and expectations. Communication is important to me and I am looking forward to working with them more in the future.

Mike Maloney

Google Customer Review
Wow, thanks for the prompt response in sending an engineer to client sites on last minute requests. Your engineers are technically knowledgeable and they are adaptive to changing situations when different requirements are needed at client sites.

Angelique Grobler

Send your requirements to [email protected]
Or complete the purchasing form