Operative Details
  • Kingston Upon Thames Operative - Tamay
  • I consider myself an ambitious and helpful person who has still big dreams in life. I trying everything to reach my dreams. I built 3 start-ups to help people for solve their problems. Also, I’ve played sports since high school. I was the captain of table tennis and football teams. I love traveling, and I try to take a trip every season. But of course,  in these days I just stay at home and read some books. I am today, a hard worker and dependable person but also know how to have fun and enjoy small things.
  • Services Offered: Private Residence, Commerical Premises, Server Build & Comms Room, Networks & Comms Room
  • Locations Covered: Kingston-upon-Thames
  • Distance prepared to travel: 1 Hour
  • Amount of Personal Indemnity Cover (£): £1m
Base Location
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