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  • London Operative - Sami
  • "For more than 15 years, I took part in many projects in the IT sector as a software development, analysis, integration and business development specialist. I can do both design and front-end development. I also have projects that I have completed full stack. I am very enthusiastic and passionate person who is seeking for opportunities to work with a team that needs help on transforming ideas into reality. I am looking forward to work on projects in contract basis/freelance. Sami Yenice (short bio) ------------------------- I graduated as a Computer Engineer with a full scholarship in 2005. After graduation, I first worked as a software engineer. I then took part in many web design studies with the software developing knowledge I gained at university. 12 years I worked in Turksat, one of the world’s leading companies providing, services for project management, business development web and mobile technologies, IT analyis across Europe and Asia. I also took part in many international projects. Within the scope of these projects, I worked as a researcher at Brunel University London in 2013 and as a scientist in the same university in 2018. I am also an expert Photoshop user as a design tool, as well as Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects from media processing applications. I contributed several successful EU-funded projects, acting as a researcher and scientist. • CEES (Citizen Oriented Evaluation of e-Government Services), with Brunel University London • UBIPOL (Ubiquitous participation platform for Policy making), under FP7-ICT with Brunel University London • GEN6 (Governments ENabled with IPv6), under CIP • STORK 2.0 (Secure Identity Across Borders Linked), under CIP • EMYNOS (nExt generation eMergencY commuNicatiOnS), under H2020 • GREENDC (Green Data Centers) under H2020 with Brunel University London I have been interested in classical music since his childhood. Especially due to my fondness for Johann Sebastian Bach, I attended many concerts in Europe and had the opportunity to meet many artists. This curiosity has been instrumental in the setting up of a classical music festival in Turkey in 2014. I am also the owner of a music and philosophy magazine called Partisyon. I live in North London (N3) with my wife and 6 year old daughter.
  • Services Offered: Private Residence, Commerical Premises, Server Build & Comms Room, Networks & Comms Room
  • Locations Covered: London
  • Distance prepared to travel: 1 Hour
  • Amount of Personal Indemnity Cover (£): £1m
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