Operative Details
  • Personal Bio: Our commitment is to offer our Clients a World class service in the whole area we cover and to have the better expertise to advise our Clients, providing them with proper, efficient and logical solutions, thus enabling them focus their efforts in their business and generating value for their company and for the community. By promoting our associates success we are promoting our own success. Do it simple, fast and easy, without borders, without physical limits.
  • Services Offered: Commercial Premises, Server Build & Comms Room, Networks & Comms Room
  • Locations Covered: Mexico, Mexico City, South America
  • Rate Card: Subject to current exchange rates: First 2 Hours - $190 - Additional hours - $80 x 1.5 for Out of Hours Business x 2 For holidays
  • Availability: 2 hours fixed, 4 hours fixed, 6 hours fixed, 8 hours fixed
Base Location
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