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    "Working in close partnership with both government and corporate sectors since 2006, DD would go above and beyond the norm of standard IT to ensure our client gets full exposure to the entire spectrum of IT technologies. We have gained broad experience in many highly regulated environments from national and local government to education and healthcare, defense, and blue light services, and have a deep understanding of the special demands, budgetary constraints, and challenges that each sector face. Not to mention that DD continually invests in supporting UK public sector procurement frameworks such as NHS Supply Chain, and others. DD has been instrumental, for public bodies transitioning into the new IT landscape with our cutting-edge solutions, faster communications, and enhancing security and compliance in line with mandated standards. Our problem-solving skills and fast response to client demands are widely recognized strength, both in the commercial and public sectors. DD's knowledge of major software and hardware systems enables us to deliver many network solutions to businesses, including Virtualisation, Cloud Computing, Collaborative Working Environments, Cyber Security and Productivity Software, and Licensing Services. We can help public bodies to run more efficiently around an agile IT network that can flex and scale to meet the needs of daily challenges."
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    Cloud Services, Cyber Security, Hardware / Software, IT Resource, IT Support, Managed Services Provider, Networks, Residential, Security Services, Telephony Services, Video Conferencing / Audio Visual
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    Technology Sector
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    20-30 Years
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