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  • Dudley Operative - Nyime
  • I would describe myself as a 'people enthusiast'. I love to hear stories about real life experiences (where people have come from, how they became who they are, what get's them out of bed in the morning.) On the other hand, I also enjoy my own company! As a self-confessed 'introvert', it's something which I have accepted as part of my personality. It's also something which I have had to overcome, just so that I could function as a human being. I have worked within the IT sector for over 10 years (since 2008). I have nurtured many relationships with clients and have come to understand that my customers don't want to know how clever I am, they just want to know that it's not their job to be technical, it's mine. This simple fact has helped me to develop a communication style which simply delivers results, fast.
  • Services Offered: Private Residence, Commerical Premises
  • Locations Covered: Dudley
  • Distance prepared to travel: 30 Mins
  • Amount of Personal Indemnity Cover (£): £5m
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