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  • London Operative - Hanifi
  • Fully qualified to upgrade networks, software and hardware. I always fully comply with all my customers corporate policies. I also adhere to data privacy policy requirements and cybersecurity policies. I have exceptional skills in Windows and SQL Server applications. I am a self-motivated Computer Technician with background in email account and connectivity set up for large organizations. I am an experienced engineer with over 9 years of system upgrades and network component installation experience. I am also confident and knowledgeable in demonstrating software features to employees. I can work well under pressure with the ability to configure computers quickly and effectively and more than happy to assist help desk environments, and also both employees and customers with technology issues. I also have experience with ERP systems, network administration and extensive experience with Oracle High Availability environments, implementation and management.
  • Services Offered: Private Residence, Commerical Premises, Server Build & Comms Room, Networks & Comms Room, Audio Visual
  • Locations Covered: London
  • Distance prepared to travel: 2 Hours
  • Amount of Personal Indemnity Cover (£): £1m
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  • Harry Brown
    4 December 2021 at 1:47 PM

    Hanifi has supported us for several months after being parachuted in during an MSP
    changeover. He quickly understood a complex estate and was professional from the
    outset. Staff have been very complimentary about his level of support and general
    character. This has been very helpful to me given the challenges faced during an MSP
    changeover in the stressful environment that Financial Services is.
    I would be happy to have Hanifi working with me once more.

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