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    Designers are questioning, exploring, creating, innovating etc etc and that is what drives them. The passion is to explore new ways of solving problems, finding new solutions to existing problem and looking for problems that need solutions. Then using the design skill you have developed to address those problems. I suppose the passion might grow as you see more opportunities to apply these skills and gain more experience. It’s really a way of life that you would do anyway, having a job where you can do it is a bonus! One thing I love about this job is the blank screen at the beginning of any project. The blank screen says I can create anything I want. I am the master of this universe. Of course there are always constraints. But at that moment, the possibilities are limitless. Another opportunity to achieve. I decided to freelance so that I could explore a wider variety of opportunities, and I enjoy meeting a range of different types of people. We Are "Mitchell and Son Web Design | 3D Printing"
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    Our Services : We provide a range of professional services to meet your needs. We promise to provide every service with a smile and to your highest level of satisfaction. Web Design : Our Web Design Service will meet the needs to of small business or individual needs. 3D Printing : 3D printing a prototype or just printing your favorite design. Supply us with an stl file and we Take the Art to the Cart.
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    Printing Services, Website Design, Development and Management
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    Private Sector, Public Sector, Sector Agnostic, Security/Defence
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    10-15 Years
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