Operative Details
  • Personal Bio: We value our customer relationship more than anything else. While IT expertise can be easily gained, developing long-term trust relationship is not easy. We actively cultivate a good relationship with our customers through Friendly and reliable support. We started this business with passion and integrity. At no instance, we will compromise integrity over profit. We rather lose money than to do a dishonest job. We are transparent to our customers and keep them fully informed of their choices.This ties closely with our first core value of Friendly and reliable support. Any business running without integrity is bound to lose trust and relationship with customers. We do not want to do that. With more than a decade of IT experience in various industries, we can safely say we have seen it all. With continued exposure to various IT issues, we have become experts in solving IT problems. We will be able to confidently and expertly handle your IT needs.
  • Services Offered: Commercial Premises, Server Build & Comms Room, Networks & Comms Room
  • Locations Covered: Singapore
  • Rate Card: Subject to current exchange rate: £85 per hour for Desktop and User Support £100 per hour Server & Network Support
  • Availability: 2 hours fixed, 4 hours fixed, 6 hours fixed, 8 hours fixed
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