Keyboard Knights Smart Hands Plus Service Reaches Six Continents and Continues To Grow from Strength to Strength

With businesses increasingly relying on technology to streamline their operations, having an easy and reliable way to get IT support is becoming a necessity. Keyboard Knights Smart Hands services are providing a platform that has been providing IT support to businesses across six continents over the last 12 months and continues to grow from strength to strength.

As we head into 2023 we’re looking forward to continued growth of both our excellent operatives and clients and a we have a fantastic pipeline already in place. 

What are Keyboard Knights Smart Hands services?

Keyboard Knights have two Smart Hands services, Smart Hands and Smart Hands Plus. Our standard Smart Hands is for the UK and provides a fixed hourly rate from Lands’ End to John o’ Groats. Smart Hands Plus covers the rest of the globe and is priced on application. The service offers many advantages including:

    • A team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are available around the clock to provide assistance
    • Affordable hourly rates with no contracts
    • Fast turnaround times depending on Operative availability
    • Access to a wide range of skills and expertise from first to third-line support engineers
    • Helps alleviate any resourcing shortfalls such as staff absence or holidays
    • Can be delivered directly to the end-user or through an MSP under whitelabel
    • A conscious decision for the planet. It is far more cost effective and greener using an Operative in your local area than sending an employee hundreds or thousands of miles to plug some cables into equipment.

Types of Work Smart Hands delivers

The service was launched to help businesses with a variety of tasks from qualified engineers in their local area. The types of projects our operatives have assisted with include: –

    • IT support/troubleshooting (onsite) 
    • Hardware and software upgrades
    • Office fit-outs and relocations
    • Telecommunications
    • Audio and visual services
    • Datacentre racking and cabling 
    • Home Office/Holiday Home set-ups

5-Star Reviews

We’re delighted to receive 5-star reviews from our clients. Here’s what they are saying on Google.

Keyboard Knights Smart Hands Review
Local IT support Review
Local IT support Review

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about Smart Hands and whether it can help you, contact us for further information. You can use our Smart Hands maps to check your location and find local operatives. 

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