Keyboard Knights: Saving the environment one visit at a time!

How does using Keyboard Knights Smart Hands service help MSPs, IT Support companies, or in-house IT teams help save the environment?

As we are finding out more so now than ever before, especially with an increase in mainstream media coverage, climate change poses threats to us all from air pollution causing breathing problems; to historic droughts and uncontrollable wild fires; to severe flash flooding. We can all do our bit to save the environment for our generation and future generations.

National and international IT engineers

Keyboard Knights have an expanding network of engineers both nationally and internationally available on an ad-hoc basis. Due to our growing network of national and international IT engineers, chances are we have engineers in areas where you have customers but do not yourselves have any physical presence.

While probably over 95% of most IT jobs can be done remotely, there is still an occasional need to have a physical person present. Keyboard Knights offer this service which in turn helps to save the environment.
We have engineers available for fixed bookings of 2,4, 6, or 8 hours and these are typically equivalent to second-line or field engineer level.

So how does this help save the environment?

Since our Smart Hands service went live in March and has continued to gather pace, we have reduced the need for MSPs (including those in London) to send their engineers to many locations. This has led to a reduction in travel costs, freed up the availability of their engineers to assist clients more locally, and reduced client downtime. From using Keyboard Knights these MSPs have reduced the carbon footprint of their business. Some of the most recent areas we’ve assisted MSPs include: – 

    • Derby, Derbyshire, England  
    • Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England 
    • Carlisle, Cumbria, England 
    • Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, England 
    • Edinburgh, Scotland 
    • Dublin, Ireland 
    • Paris, France 
    • Frankfurt, Germany 
    • Geneva, Switzerland  
    • Bermuda, British Overseas Territory 
    • Cayman Islands, British Overseas Territory 
    • Dubai, United Arab Emirates  
    • Hong Kong, China 
    • Singapore, Asia 

Saving the environment over 8,000 Kg of Co2 emissions

Based on driving a standard-sized diesel car and flying return from London Gatwick to the international locations outlined above, we have saved around 8,000 Kg of Co2 emissions. This may not sound like much, but to offset that, we would need to plant 570 trees when green land is already scarce and at a premium!

Now imagine this multiplied by all of the UK’s Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and IT Companies making tens of thousands of trips every year around the globe to service clients hundreds of miles away. We would need to plant huge forests to offset the damage caused, especially when the planet’s environment is already in decline.

What about your clients using Keyboard Knights?

We understand the importance of maintaining service level agreements (SLAs) so our Smart Hands Operatives can white-label where necessary as if they are working for you, delivering a service to your client.

Our operatives will carry out all necessary work from physical requirements such as connecting cables and network kit onsite and then working with your support desk to ensure they can connect into the infrastructure to ensure everything is working before the engineer leaves.

Highly skilled IT support delivered locally

Our Smart Hands Operatives are skilled in a range of services, including: – 

    • Re-imaging a PC 
    • Racking and stacking 
    • Desktop deployments 
    • Office moves  
    • Configuring onsite networks 
    • Carrying out cybersecurity audits 
    • and much more.  

Contact us to find out more

Next time you are thinking of making a long journey to a client’s office or home, think about giving Keyboard knights a call to see if we have a local engineer that can not only help save the environment but also maybe save you money as well as attending client site much faster.

To find out more about Smart Hands in the UK or International Smart Hands, visit our website or call us on +44 (0) 20 4534 3111.


Emergency or pre-planned local onsite technical assistance at a fixed hourly rate.